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Melanie Hagedorn English

„hang loose“ – a day on the rope


Alarm clock rings, turn round once more!

get out of bed, put on a dress, quick sip of coffee!

out the door, wait for the bus!

role a cigarette, hang out in the park!

come home, get ready for bed!

– and most important of all!

stay on the rope!

Life is a walk on a tightrope!

Amazing how Melanie shows everyday routines in an exciting 30-minutes show on the rope. Putting on her shoes turns into a balancing act, applying mascara seems almost impossible… At the end oft he day she represents the typical ballerina on the rope – or maybe not?

With humorous ideas Melanie astounds her audience and balances through a virtual day, finds a new context in which normal things suddenly appear absurd. At the end we all have to ask ourselves: was it just a dream?


„Seiltanz“ is a 12-minutes-extract from Melanies show „hang loose – a day on the rope“ and shows the desperate preparations of a tightrope-dancer: getting dressed, putting on make up, warming up, – but what happens, if that takes place on a slack rope?


„Seiltanz“ charmingly turns show clichées to its opposite. Great acrobatics and a great show!


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