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Cirque Exalté English


Through the deafening crash of intense acrobatics and frenzied poetry, Cirque Exalté celebrate liberty joyously to the soundtrack of Patti Smith and others. They strive to awaken and cherish the rebellious lover buried in each of us. For them, every second is perfect.They test the limits in search of spontaneous beauty in the unexpected, they flirt with risk.


« Furieuse Tendresse » is a cry.

Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine. Meltin' in a pot of thieves, wild card up my sleeve. Thick heart of stone, my sins my own. They belong to me, me ... and her name is G-L-O-R-I-A... (Patti Smith)

An exhilarating performance born to express the intensity of life and of the instant. An invitation to experience human contact by way of the circus and extremes.


The main idea is to inspire a freedom to act outside the norms. To promote freedom through freedom itself.


CIRQUE EXALTÉ – are Sara Desprez, Angelos Matsakis, Emiliano Ferri. They got to know each other in Brussels at the renowned circus school l’Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles (ESAC). Since 2008 they work together as a trio. The show „furieuse tendresse“ was developed in 2013 and premiered in 2014.


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