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Company Satchok – English

Sisyphus – pure acrobatics

Inspired by the ancient myth Sisyphus, Company Satchok have created a wonderful piece of pure artistic and humour. Sharing the idea that the process is just as (or more) fulfilling than the result. It is about the pure joy and the fun of doing!


Based on trial and error and pure concentration, they explore the mutual trust. The three artists present their skills up to the limit of human capacity: banquine, hand to hand, aerial straps and partner acrobatics.


Company Satchok challenges each other implementing the fun of doing and the respect for one another. The Sisyphus myth as a positive example of human being and the question of the meaning of life. Relaxed and amusingly presented.

Three ambitious artists on their way to success: exercising their muscles, improving their skills, creating new ideas, pushing themselves to the limit and still having fun! Just like Sisyphus in the ancient myth, all three of them view this new act as a challenge and constant development of their creative work.


And they have a message: don’t let struggle or failure stop you to follow your ideas and to fulfill your dreams.

The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy!
Albert Camus

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